You spoke and we listened! You wanted a spicier bitters so we made it a priority to reformulate and give you what you desired. The base recipe is the same, but the spice level has been turned up to 11!
Great complex Tex-Mex fusion flavors. Filled with unique spices from Mexico, like culantro and damiana. Wonderful flavors to make everyday feel like Cinco de Mayo.
Created with Tequila based drinks in mind. 
Also pairs well with Vodka, Gin, Whiskey & Rum.
Try it in your food recipes too! 
An excellent addition to salsas, BBQ sauces, marinades
Primary Flavors: Primary flavors include; Grapefruit, Lime, Culantro, Jalapeno, Cumin, backed up by additional herbs & spices.
100ml glass bottle with dasher top.

Fuego Bitters


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