Pure, unadulterated grapefruit flavor in a bottle. We use the juice, the pith, and the peel to give you layer-on-layer of delicious citrus. Kicking off with a hit of fruit, this shrub is tart and not-too-sweet as you sip. It finishes with a soft bitterness that lingers on the tongue and cuts through any cocktail. Trust us, you’ll know it’s there!

JUST GRAPEFRUIT pairs well with gin, Tequila, and Bourbon. Try it in the Move over Tonic, as a Grapefruit Old Fashioned, or in the Perfect Paloma. Embrace the bitter, brighten your spirits!


The Perfect Paloma

1 oz Shrub District Just Grapefruit
2 oz Blanco Tequila
Club Soda

Mix: Put ice in Collins glass. Add Tequila and shrub. Top with soda.

Stir, sip, vacation!

Just Grapefruit 8oz


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