This is real strawberry, like you remember from your childhood.

You gotta smell this! It reminds me of summer. Shrub District Strawberry Dill packs the aroma of fresh picked strawberries, with an undertone of herby dill. It’s so lush, so decadent, it’s the strawberry flavor you’ve always wanted but never found. Fancy a strawberry daiquiri? Reach for our strawberry cocktail mixer. Pair it with smokey spirits like Tequila, mescal, and woody Bourbons. It’s a match made in heaven.



Tequila Shrub Fizz

1 oz Shrub District Strawberry-Dill
2 oz 100% de Agave Tequila
3 oz Club Soda

Mix: Put ice in glass. Add Tequila and shrub. Top with soda.

Stir, toast, enjoy!

Strawberry Dill Shrub 8oz


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