This gift box is perfect for the cocktail connoisseur in your life!!

12"x18" wooden gift crate includes: 

1 El Guapo Cocktail Syrup 8.5oz 

1 El Guapo Bitters 3.4oz 

1 Shrub District 8oz 

1 9"x12" 'Sazerac' Bar Board (Either all Walnut, Sinker Cypress or Multi Wood based on stock available)

1 'Holy Trinity' Magnetic Wine Bottle Holder 

1 11" Muddler

1 Ranger Station Candle (turns into a cocktail glass once candle finished!)

2 Bottle Cap Coasters- Cedar Wood

**Please note we do not shrink wrap gift crates. We are proud to use as little plastic in our presentation as possible. 

The "Bar Lovers" Gift Box

El Guapo Bitters
El Guapo Syrup
Shrub District
Ranger Station Candle Scent

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